Monday, 22 March 2010

Uxbridge Congress

The 2 west country players who entered this had mixed results.

Keith Arkell started as top seed, but after drawing with 2052- rated Chino Atako in rd.1, and FM Jovica Radovanovic in rd.4, could only finish 2nd=. His 4/5 was a 2419 performance, and means he drops a few rating points from this event.

Allan Pleasants had an excellent result in rd.1, drawing with FM Anders Linvers, rated more then 200 points higher than him. He then ran into GM Keith Arkell, who after a draw in rd.1 was eager to get his tournament back on track, and won. The last 3 rounds saw him facing 3 fairly lowly- rated juniors, which is more then a little unfortunate. It's very difficult to avoid losing rating points under the circumstances, and his 1.5/3 against the 3 of them was very credible. So 2/5 was Allan's final score, a 2019 performance, which is close to his actual rating.


  1. Ben,

    Keith drew against Chino Atako, not 'Akoko'

  2. Ah, apologies for that. Edited and corrected now.

  3. r5k1/pR3pbp/4b1p1/3q4/8/1Q1BB1P1/P4P1P/6K1 is the best I can do for the position after White's 25th move (Qd1-b3??) in Arkell - Pleasants. What should Black play (and why?!)