Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Tiverton 2 Teignmouth 2 (Schofield Cup)

Simultaneously with the Mamhead match against Newton Abbot, the Tiverton Schofield team were home aginst Teignmouth at Blundell's School on Saturday March 27th.

Towards the end of the game on board 3, superficially it looked as though Stephen Thorpe-Tracey, with 3 pawns for the exchange, was doing well against Kevin Hindum. But eventually the pawns fell and the rook proved too strong for the knight.

Brian Connor (Tiverton, Black) against Ray Chubb on board 4 cleverly won the exchange and a pawn and the game looked secure. Unfortunately he then blundered a rook and Ray wrapped it up with some ease. Two down, with two to play!

On board 2, in a level position, John Knowles with queen and two knights against Wally Sapiecha's queen, bishop and knight, managed to double his opponents pawns by exchanging a pair of knights. This weakness proved to be decisive once all the pieces had been exchanged. John queened his h-pawn and cleaned up.

Jon Duckham on board 1 for Tiverton developed pressure from the opening against Rev Doidge. Jon won the exchange and managed to pin his opponent's knight against his rook. However there was pawn counterplay for his opponent and an interesting ending emerged with rook & pawn against knight and pawn. It was quite subtle but eventually the rook prevailed.

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