Monday, 8 March 2010

Hampshire- Cornwall match

Some unfortunate news to this end, I'm afraid. I quote the following from the Hampshire Chess website, which you can reach by clicking on the title of this post:

"Hampshire v Cornwall There is not a mutually convenient date left before the end of the WECU season so this match has been cancelled.

However Dominic Tunks reports that he has Cornwall's agreement to move next year's match nearer to Hampshire. Previously we have met in Exminster and once or twice in Rockbeare. Next year we will look for a venue as close as possible to the intersection of the A30 (for those travelling down from North Hampshire) and the A35 (for those travelling the costal route),

That is, we will try to find a venue in or near Honiton."

As a former county match captain myself, I know only too well the difficulties in organising teams. Hopefully a change in the location of the venue for next year should make it easier for both sides to raise teams next season.

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