Saturday, 6 March 2010

Blackpool/ European Championships

At Blackpool Mike Richardt suffered his first loss this afternoon, to leave him on 1/3, with 2 draws.

In Rijeka, Keith Arkell lost with white against GM Vallejo Pons, whilst Mickey Adams won with black against IM Shytaj.

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  1. Hi Ben,

    it looks like they had problems with the broadcasting equipment.
    Friday I drew with Burrows, 196. A very intersting game where I should have had the edge but couldn't find it.
    Saturday morning I played Cannon, 185, and had a very, very promising postion after the opening. Both players were in time trouble and I lost.
    In the afternoon I played Padillo and drew after 3h comfortably.
    Sunday morning I had to withdraw from the tournament because my wife was ill and we had to drive back home to Taunton, where we had to attend the A&E department. She is fine, so don't worry!!!

    Mike Richardt