Tuesday, 20 July 2010

South Wales International results

The South-West players who played in the South Wales International had varying results. The full crosstable is here; I shall mention below the region's players who ended up in the prize list:

2nd Keith Arkell (Devon) 7
3rd= Peter Wells (Wiltshire) 6½
Best= untitled player and best= Welsh u-2300 player Allan Pleasants (Dorset) 5½
Best= untitled player and best= English u-2300 player Jeremy Menadue (Cornwall) 5½
Best= English junior Robert Thompson (Devon) 4

I myself had a frustrating tournament, passing up a golden opportunity to beat the eventual winner in round 2; I only had one game I was really satisfied with. On seeing the final table, some might argue that this game ended up being irrelevant.

But it's not irrelevant, it's a hippopotamus.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

South Wales International

The South Wales International starts on Saturday. As always, there are a number of Westcountry-based players in action:

GM Peter Wells Wiltshire 2488
GM Keith Arkell Devon 2465
IM Jack Rudd Somerset 2236
Jeremy Menadue Cornwall 2155
Allan Pleasants Dorset 2032
John Waterfield Gloucestershire 2020
Brian Gosling Devon 1978
E. Michael White Gloucestershire 1940
Robert Thompson Devon 1905

I will be in there in my usual combined player/game-inputter category. Check the site for games from the event.