Saturday, 20 March 2010

G.Jepps- G. Trudeau, Somerset- Cornwall match.

This is my first attempt at this, but hopefully you should be able to play through the game G. Jepps- G. Trudeau from the recent Somerset- Cornwall match. Here's Gerry Jepps' thoughts on the match:

Here is my game from the Cornwall match. My opponent was Trudeau (146). The opening is not very convincing - I was gambling as White to escape theoretical French lines. However, the position after White's 19th is quite intriguing and unusual with potentially 7 pieces queued up on the d file. After Black's best response 19...Rd8 20. Qf3! leads to a totally unclear (at least to me) position. Fritz reckons that Black has a slight edge because of the extra pawn. 20. Rxf7? would have been tempting but fails because of 20... Nd7f6. In the actual game, however, my opponent didn't resist the knight fork, playing 19...Ne3. After 20 Qf3 White is clearly winning, although there are no fewer than 5 pieces en-prise.

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