Friday, 5 March 2010

Blackpool Chess Congress

This weekend sees the traditional Blackpool Congress, and once again boasts a very impressive field. 3 GMs, and more 190+ players then you can shake a stick at. The reason for this post however, is to focus on entrants from the South West.

By my reckoning the following people have entered from the South West-

Mike Richardt, Taunton, in the open.
William Taylor, Bridgwater (now resident at Durham Uni), in the major.
Stephen Piper, Wootton Basset, in the major.
Thomas Cooper, Trowbridge, in the intermediate.
Colin Gardiner, Falmouth, in the intermediate.
David Marshall, Trowbridge, in the intermediate.
Gareth Williams, Trowbridge, in the intermediate.
Adrian Davis, Trowbridge, in the minor.

If I've missed anyone from this list, do let me know and I'll add them. Depending on how quickly the Blackpool Chess website is updated (click on the title to go directly there), I'll either keep you up to date with the results daily, or let you know how everyone got on early next week.


  1. It's Dave Marshall. (You have a typo.) Nigel Crucefix, also of Trowbridge, is planning to spectate on the Saturday. I am hoping to provide some coverage on the Trowbridge Chess Club website.

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    being the website, right?

    I've changed the typo on Dave's name, apologies for the mistake.

  4. It looks very much like Hebden and Haslinger will tie for first.