Monday, 15 March 2010

Somerset League, Division 3, Central

Forgot to follow up on this after my earlier posting.

Thanks to everyone for keeping me up to date with the results for this league. Gillingham- Frome ended 2-2, with Mark Leonard and Gerry Udel winning for Frome, and Richard Adams and T. Millar winning for Gillingham. The Yeovil- Glastonbury match has been re-arranged. As things stand, this is how the league looks:

Gillingham: P6 W1 D5 L0 MP:8
Glastonbury: P5 W2 D3 L0 MP:7
Frome: P6 W1 D4 L1 MP:6
Yeovil C: P5 W0 D2 L3 MP:2

So a win for Glastonbury in the final match would be enough for them to win the league. Judging by the number of matches drawn this year, it's been an incredibly closely- fought league.


  1. Oops. Your 4 named players are the Frome team.
    For Gillingham it was Richard Quin on board 1 and Richard Adams on board 3 (I think). I didn't get the names of the other players.

    1. Mark Leonard 1 - 0 Richard Quin
    2. Gerry Udell 1 - 0 ??
    3. Mike White 0 - 1 Richard Adams
    4. Nick Jones 0 - 1 ??

  2. I've changed the names now. Not sure who was on board 2 for Gillingham, but board 4 was T. Millar.