Wednesday, 31 March 2010

4ncl pt.2

Plenty to report from the 4ncl:

Firstly, Michael Adams scored a crushing win on Saturday with black against IM John Cox. Definetly a day for the IM to forget, as he resigned after just 14 moves. Michael followed this up with a decent (albeit much longer) win against former British Champion Stuart Conquest.

GM Matthew Turner drew with white against Bristol- based IM James Cobb on Saturday, before beating 2298- rated John Richardson with black on Sunday.

Peter Poobalasingam lost against GM Mark Hebden, before bouncing back with a win against 2204- rated Andrew Harley.

Swindon- based GM Peter Wells drew with FM Alexei Slavin and IM Karl Mah.

James Cobb followed up his draw with Matthew Turner by defeating 2097- rated Colin Eckoff on Sunday.

Rhys Cummings lost against 2074- rated Michael Rabbitt on Saturday, but more then made up for it by overturning a 269 point rating defecit to defeat 2224- rated Russell James on Sunday.

And finally... I defeated 2074- rated junior Alan Merry on the Saturday, before returning to my more traditional result with a draw against 2061- rated Robert McCorry on Sunday.

I believe that's every west-country player who doesn't play for a west- country team covered, although if I've missed anyone let me know.

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