Saturday, 13 March 2010

33rd Bristol League Congress

Almost forgot about this with the various events going on at the moment, but this weekend sees the 33rd Bristol League Congress taking place at the Filton Sports & Leisure Centre. Earlier in the week there were doubts as to whether this event would take place, but given the fact that there have been no further annoucements since, it would seem that there has been a late flurry of entrants.

It's always difficult running congresses, where breaking- even is generally considered a success. Trying to balance the entry fee to assure this whilst making it an attractive proposition financially to entrants is a tricky task, even before one considers prizes and so on.

Graham Mill- Wilson deserves a lot of thanks for giving his time, not to mention possibly a fair amount of his own money, to running Bristol Congresses each year. Hopefully it's a successful event.

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