Thursday, 4 March 2010

Bristol League Chess (Prt 2.)

Just a quick follow up on yesterday's item. Here's the result of the Clifton 'A'- Horfield 'A' match. Thanks to David Collier for sending me the results, and it's his comment added on to the bottom as well.

Clifton 'A' - Horfield 'A'

1 A Pickering ½ - ½ D Pugh
2 D Grossett 0 - 1 S Dilleigh
3 G Morris 1 - 0 CJA Jones
4 D Bennett 1 - 0 M Levene
5 J Curtis ½ - ½ P Nendick
6 DO Collier 1 - 0 H Atkinson
4 - 2

Closer than it looks, with Clifton winning the last two games to finish.

I've discovered that the Bath 'A'- Clifton 'A' match has been re-arranged for April 28th.

As things stand, Clifton 'A' are Played 11, Points 21 whilst Bath 'A' are Played 12, Points 20. So (assuming I've got this worked out correctly), Bath 'A' need a big result from one of the teams still to play Clifton 'A' in order for their match to be relevant, whilst Clifton 'A' can afford to lose to Bath 'A', as long as they win the remaining matches.

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