Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Somerset League, Division 1.

I'm not sure of the final match result, but word's reached me that there were a few shocks in lasts nights Glastonbury- Yeovil match in division 1. On board 1 a tremendous result for Patryk Krzyzanowski, defeating no less a player then GM Matthew Turner. On board 2, another excellent result for Megan Owens, defeating Andrew Footner, who is graded about 25 points higher then her.

Last night also saw Taunton playing against Frome, in a top of the table clash that will go a long way towards deciding who wins the league. If Taunton won, they would draw level with Frome on match points, with only the Taunton- Sedgemoor match left to play. If Frome won they will have won the league, irregardless of the Taunton- Sedgemoor result.


  1. The Taunton vs Frome games have not been played. I'm not sure if they will be.

  2. Congrats to Patryk for his performance.

    The Taunton - Frome match hasn't been played yet. Nick is on the case, but I don't know when it will be played.

    I guess with Easter just around the corner nothing will be happening before that.

  3. Yes, congrats to Patryk. He's been at the rough end of some humorous banter on the Taunton match reports, but congratulations definitely due to him with this victory.

    Taunton v Frome - I don't know why the first poster doubts the matches will happen. Dates are currently trying to be arranged, but being decisive key matches, it'd be absurd for them not to take place (unless Frome want to forfeit of course!) :-)

  4. Patryk Krzyzanowski7 January 2011 at 00:28

    Here is this game:

    [Event "Glastonbury - Yeovil"]
    [Date "2010.03.22"]
    [White "Krzyzanowski, Patryk"]
    [Black "Turner, Matthew"]
    [Result "1-0"]
    [ECO "A38"]

    1. c4 Nf6 2. Nc3 c5 3. g3 g6 4. Bg2 Bg7 5. Nf3 Nc6 6. O-O O-O 7. d3 d6 8. Rb1
    a6 9. a3 Rb8 10. Nd5 Nd7 11. b4 e6 12. Ne3 cxb4 13. axb4 b5 14. Nd2 Bb7 15.
    cxb5 axb5 16. Bb2 Bxb2 17. Rxb2 Nb6 18. Qa1 Ra8 19. Ra2 Rxa2 20. Qxa2 Nxb4 21.
    Qb2 Bxg2 22. Kxg2 N6d5 23. Nxd5 Nxd5 24. Qxb5 Qa8 25. e4 Rb8 26. Ra1 Rxb5 27. Rxa8+ Kg7 28. exd5 Rxd5

    29. Ra3 f5 30.
    Nc4 Kf6 31. h4 g5 32. hxg5+ Kxg5 33. Kf3 h5 34. Ke2 f4 35. Ra5 fxg3 36. fxg3
    Rxa5 37. Nxa5 Kf5 38. Nc6 e5 39. Kf3 d5 40. Kf2 Ke6 41. Nb4 Kd6 42. Ke3 Ke6 43.
    Nc2 Kf5 44. Kf2 Ke6 45. Ne3 Kd6 46. Nf5+ Ke6 47. Ng7+ Kf6 48. Nxh5+ Kg6 49.
    Nf4+ exf4 50. gxf4 Kf6 51. Ke3 1-0

    It is not a recipe how to beat a grandmaster :)
    I tried my best I could. I was not better at all just Matthew overlooked poisonous 26. Ra1 ...