Saturday, 3 April 2010

WECU Congress, round 4 standings

Just back from a day at the WECU Congress in Exmouth. Here are the leaders after round 4:

Open (26 entrants):
J. Bass, Richmond 3/4
S. Berry, Wimbledon 3/4
S. Dilleigh, Horfield 3/4
A. Pleasants, Weymouth 3/4
J. Sherwin, Bath 3/4
A. Smith, Bourne End 3/4

Major (34 entrants):
M. Harris, Newcastle Upon- Lyne 4/4
H. Van Eeuwjk, Holland 3/4
J. Duckham, Tiverton 3/4
J. Nyman, Kings Head 3/4

Minor (40 entrants):
B. Sandercock 4/4
A. Billings, Newton Abbot 3.5/4
G. Body, Exeter 3.5/4
K. Alexander, Tiverton 3/4
C. Long, Truro 3/4
M. Huba, Kings Head 3/4

The games from the open are being uploaded daily onto the Chess Devon site (which you can reach by clicking on the title to this post.) There are 2 more games tomorrow, and 1 on Monday still to come.

It certainly looks like the most open open I've seen at the WECU Congress in quite a few years, with no clear favourite. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a tie for first come the end.

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