Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Tiverton results at the WECU Congress

Thanks to Ivor Annetts for the following piece:

Jon Duckham & Ken Alexander, both members of the Tiverton Club, were amongst the prize-winners in the West of England Chess Union's Annual Championships held at the Beacon Hotel, Exmouth over the Easter week-end.

In the Major Tournament, Jon Duckham, in his comeback year, achieved joint second place with a score of 5/7 (no losses!) in a field of 34.

In the Minor Tournament, Ken, who has not been able to play a great deal of chess this season, managed to keep his concentration throughout, and also emerged with a score of 5/7 (from a field of 40) to take a share of the third place prize money.

Three other players from the Tiverton Club also took part. Simon Bartlett in the Open - 24th seed in a field of 26 - scored a creditable three points. Ivor Annetts in the Major scored 4/7 - winning a share of the U-157 grading prize - and Keith Atkins also in the Major scored 3/7.

For photos of the Tiverton players at the congress, click on the title to this post.

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