Monday, 12 April 2010

South Bristol A 1.5- 4.5 Thornbury

Thanks to Robert Radford for letting me post a copy of the match reports for South Bristol Chess Club. The title to this post links to the South Bristol Club website, which has as one of its links match reports for most, if not all, of the South Bristol Club's results for this season. I've included the latest one here:


South Bristol A Thornbury
1. Russell Barlow 0.5-0.5 Martin S Davies
2. George Crockart 0-1 David Dugdale
3. David Frydman 0.5-0.5 Michael G Boyce
4. Robert P Radford 0.5-0.5 Andrew Borkowski
5. David C Neagle 0-1 David O Vaughan
6. David R Jones 0-1 Lynda Roberts

The defeat at Horfield left us without any cushion points against rival championship contenders Thornbury. We still needed at least a draw to win the title outright, but they came to Whitchurch with their strongest side and looking determined, whilst we were missing Richard Garrett.

Dave and Mike ended with a lacklustre draw, which was soon followed by Dave Neagle losing to David Vaughan, rated 171 playing down on board 5!! (hmmn) Bob could only manage a draw against Andrew, who played solidly throughout, and does not appear to be rusty after his 18 month lay off. Then disaster struck as Dave lost to Lynda Roberts, in what should have been a drawn King + bishop ending.

We now needed two wins on the top boards. Martin made Russell an offer he just could not refuse without probably losing. So a draw was agreed.

George, who had turned down an offer of a draw from Dave earlier, stubbornly decided it was all or nothing and finished with exactly nothing! So Thornbury walked off with the points deservedly and probably the Championship, as it seems highly unlikely they will slip up against Hanham, or Clevedon.

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