Sunday, 4 April 2010

Coulsdon Easter International tournament

Starting tomorrow is the Coulsdon Easter International tournament, which features an all play all section designed to give people opportunities to get IM norms, and also a Challengers section. Unless I'm very much mistaken, there's no-one south-west based in the IM norm section, but in the 6 person double round (each person plays each other person twice) Challengers event is Devon based Graham Bolt. It looks like a tough tournament with 2265- rated Spaniard Carlos Mate Adan, and juniors William and Victor Jones, but if Graham can win he gains free entry into the IM norm section in a future tournament.

Clicking on the title to this post takes you to the home page for this event which will probably be updated throughout the tournament with results and games to play through.

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  1. Dominic Gibbs, who is playing in the IM norm section, was a regular in the Somerset team during my time as captain.