Sunday, 18 April 2010

Exmouth 2 Tiverton 2 (Exeter League Div 2)

Thanks to Ivor Annetts for sending me this report. The title of this post links to the Tiverton Club page.

A brief report on this match. Results are coming so thick and fast I can hardly keep up!

Exmouth entertained us on Wednesday 14th April. The time limit was fast at 30 moves in 1 hour with all remaining moves in 15 minutes.

On board 2 John Morrison (Tiverton) playing White employed the Tarrasch variation against Dave Rogers' French Defence. Dave exchanged in the centre and this led to John being able to build up incredibly strong pressure along the e file. Dave's king became trapped in the centre and eventually his position collapsed.

Ivor Annetts (Tiverton), on board 1, drew the short straw in having to face Mark Abbot, a strong County player. Mark, with White, played a kind of Colle system to which Ivor failed to find a satisfactory response. Mark developed a strong king side attack and after errors from Ivor, who became very short of time, Mark won with a pleasing forced mate.

On board 4, Stephen Thorpe-Tracey (Tiverton) lost material against Fred Hodge and was technically in a lost position at the close. But Fred had insufficient time to prove his superiority and a draw was agreed.

So the match depended on the result of the game between, on board 3, John Knowles (Tiverton) and Bob Jones. This was another Tarrasch French and at the end John had the advantage of two bishops and an extra pawn against a rook. But with both players short of time, and after Bob was forced to give up his rook for bishop and pawn, his king was able to capture the last Black pawn leaving John with the lone bishop. So the game ended in a draw.

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