Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Bristol League

Thought I'd write an update on the standings in the Bristol Leagues.

In Division 1, Clifton 'A' have 2 matches left, and are 5 points ahead of Bath, who have 3 matches left. Clifton 'A's remaining fixtures are against Downend 'A' and Bath 'A', and unless they lose both matches will almost certainly win the league.

I'm not sure how many teams get relegated/ promoted, but at the other end of the table University 'A' are definetly going to finish bottom, whilst barring some big surprises Horfield 'B' and Downend 'B' will finish in the 2 places above them.

In Division 2 South Bristol 'A' are going to finish first. Clifton 'C' are in second place with 21 points, and 1 game left to play, just ahead of Thornbury who have 20 points, but 3 games left to play.

At the wrong end of the table, Keynsham 'A' have played all of their matches and will finish in the bottom 3. Clevedon 'B' and Hanham 'A' have 9 and 8 points respectively, and 2 matches left to play. Just above them Grendel have 11 points, and 3 games left to play.

In Division 3, Bath University have a near- perfect record- 16 wins from the 16 matches, and just 16.5 games points dropped en route. This is no small part down to the exceptionally strong students they have at the moment. Chris Dorrington and Peter Poobalasingam are both 200+ strength players, whilst Oliver Jackson is 190+. Bath University should fly through the leagues with this sort of strength. Elsewhere, Yate 'A' are going to finish 2nd, and Hanham 'B' are waiting on the last 2 Downend 'C' results to come in to find out if they'll finish 3rd or 4th.

At the bottom, Kenysham 'B' require a very strong finish if they are to drag themselves clear of relegation. Currently they have 7 points from their 13 matches played. Above them South Bristol 'B have 8 points from 14 matches, Patchway have 10 points from 15 matches, Harambee 'A' have 11 points from 15, and Clifton 'D' have 11 points from 13. So even at this stage of the season it's very much up in the air as to who will finish in the relegation places.

Finally, Division 4. In Div.4 each team consists of only 4 players, rather then 6 for the other leagues. This is the biggest league, with 11 teams, so I presume it also means more matches for each team. Currently leading the pack are Yate 'B', who boast a record of 28 points from 16 matches. Just behind them are Horfield 'B', who have 26 points from 17 matches, whilst Nailsea have 23 points from 14 matches.

At the foot of the table we find UWE with 1 point from the 10 matches played so far. Like Bath University, UWE's strength depends entirely on which students they have on any given year. Above them Hanham 'C' have 3 points from 16 matches, and Harambee 'B' have 6 points from 12 matches.

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