Sunday, 11 April 2010

Tiverton 2-2 Seaton

Thanks to Ivor Annetts for the following report:

On Wednesday 7th April, Tiverton played host to the Seaton Club in an Exeter & District League Division 3 match.

The teams were evenly matched apart from board one where Tiverton's Derek Allen (grade 111) was outgraded by Alan Dowse by a significant 19 points.

First to finish was Alan Brinkley, White, (gd. 96) on board three up against William Burls (gd.98). Unfortunately Alan lost a pawn in the opening and this advantage lasted through until all the pieces had been eliminated leaving William with a standard king and pawn win.

On board 4 Brian Connor, Black, (gd. 85) played Les Porter (gd. 88). Brian played an enterprising attacking game but unfortunately dropped a piece in the process. Les then developed an overwhelming attack. So two down with two to play!

On board one, Derek Allen played a most skilful game against his opponent. Alan Dowse's position became very cramped and Derek kept the pressure on. This led to a position where Alan, very short of time, was virtually in zugzwang - unable to move without making the situation worse. The resulting victory for Derek was rightly acclaimed by spectators from already completed games.

On board two, Stephen Thorpe-Tracey's (gd.103) victory against Lloyd Baal (gd.100) secured the drawn match for the home side. Stephen won a pawn in the opening, went on to win a piece and developed the almost inevitable overwhelming attack.

For photos from the match click on the title to this post, which takes you to the Tiverton Chess Club website.

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