Friday, 9 April 2010

Coulsdon 'Easter' International, final results.

In the IM norm section, Dominic Gibbs finished on 1.5/9, drawing with WFM Meri Grigoryan, and beating 1446- rated Irishman, Vince Brady.

In the Challengers section, Graham Bolt finished on 4/10. After starting with 0/4 against William and Victor Jones, he staged a decent comeback, scoring 1/2 against 2265- rated Spaniard Carlos Mate Adan, and 1.5/2 against 1980- rated Eoin Campbell, and 1851- rated Dave Cork respectively.

All of the games from both sections can now be played through by clicking on the title to this post, which takes you to the tournament home page. A link to play through the games is about half-way down the page.

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