Sunday, 11 April 2010

Horfield results, 6th April

Thanks to John Richards and Alex Dunn for the following 2 reports from Horfield Chess Club, in the Bristol League. The title of this post links to the Horfield Club website. If any other captains have match reports they'd like featured, do let me know, either through here or by emailing me at . I'm happy to credit the author, and include a link to the club's home page in return.


Division 1

Horfield A Downend B
1 b Steve Dilleigh 0.5-0.5 Ian Ponter
2 w Derek Pugh 1-0 Geoff Taylor
3 b Chris Jones 0.5-0.5 Megan Owens
4 w John Richards 0.5-0.5 James Hennefeld
5 b Mike Levene 0-1 Paul Spiller
6 w Phil Nendick 0.5-0.5 Dave Tipper

Derek got us off to a good start, but I missed a win in my Maroczy Bind and no one else seemed to have very much. Mike was last to finish, and had a lost position on the board but a fighting chance on the clock. It wasn't to be.

Our season has gone completely off the boil, and we have now dropped to fourth place, but at least we got a point from this one. (JR)

Division 2

Horfield C Clevedon B
1 b Mike Gladstone 0-1 Stuart Iles
2 w Jim Boyce 1-0 Chris Strong
3 b Harvey Atkinson 0-1 Steve Roberts
4 w Howard Millibank 1-0 Andy Bellingham
5 b Alex Dunn 1-0 Doug May
6 w Graham Strickland 1-0 Harry Quigley

After three results Horfield were trailing 2-1 (Graham) but Howard, then Jim, and finally Alex, brought home the bacon. Alex was repeatedly offered draws by his opponent but did not have the common sense to find out what the match score was and nobody was reporting their results to him!! But he came through in the end.

Safe for another season. But a decline after last year's title win. (AD)

I should also thank John for pointing out how promotion/ relegation works in the Bristol Leagues, as I was previously unsure:

"By the way, it is two up, two down in the Bristol League promotions and relegations. However, that can, and often is, modified by the League Management Committee in June/July, who may decide to just relegate one team if they want to increase the number of teams in a division the following year, or if new teams are coming in."

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