Monday, 12 April 2010

Cornwall Chess Championships 2010

Somewhat missed this at the time, but the Cornwall Chess Championships took place over the weekend of March 5th-7th. The title to this post is a link to the Cornwall Chess site, which in turn has links for crosstables of the 2 sections at the Championships.

In the Emigrant Cup congratulations to David Saqui, who secured first outright with 4/5. David's best result was a round 3 win with black against Jeremy Menadue. Having reached 3/3 David finished with draws against Simon Bartlett and Gary Trudeau. 2nd= were Jeremy Menadue and Simon Bartlett, both of whom finished on 3.5/5. I don't know this for fact, but I assume that the tournament win makes David Saqui the Cornwall Champion for this year.

The winner of the Falmouth Cup was Cornwall county match captain Anton Barkhuysen, who scored 4.5/5. The crunch match was in round 4. Chris Reeves had started with 3/3, and at that point lead the field outright. Anton defeated Chris in round 4 to take the lead, and held onto it with a last round win against Colin Webb. Chris came back with a last round win to secure 2nd outright.

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