Sunday, 30 May 2010

Sunningdale Congress

Also currently taking place is the Sunningdale Congress. This one has 7 rounds over 4 days (1 round Friday, 2 each of the other days). Representing the south west in the open are GM Keith Arkell and Angelo Castruccio from Clifton, who is looking to gain a full rating from this event, I believe. Robert Thompson (Newton Abbott) and Neil Dunlop (Bath) are representing the south west in the major section, with John Symons (Salisbury) in the minor.

After 3 rounds Keith Arkell is on a perfect score, having defeated Paul Dupre (2055), Thomas Brown (2087), and Svetoslav Mihajlov (2117). Round 4 will bring Keith's first big test, as he has white against the Russian FM Alexei Slavin.

Angelo Castruccio is currently on 1.5/3. In the first round he lost against Alan Merry (unrated, but 2074 converted from his grade). He then bounced back with a win against Gareth Harley- Yeo (2046), before drawing with David Coates (2084). Next up for Angelo is Adrian Ociepka (2178). Given that Angelo's only loss so far was against an unrated player, his performance so far stands at a very impressive 2258.

Robert Thompson is doing very well so far in the major, with 2.5/3. He took a half point bye in the first round, and has beaten Anna Wang (1706 converted) and Alireza Manuchehri (1793) in rounds 2 and 3. Next up is Paul Jackson (1863).

Neil Dunlop currently stands on 1/3, although he has had a very unfortunate draw. In the first round he lost against 2nd seed, Vincent Saques (1977), before beating Dominic Pozzo (1558). In the third round Neil had to face the 9th seed, Christopher Kreuzer (1907), and lost. Neil's 4th round opponent is Anna Wang (1706 converted).

John Symons is on 1.5/3 so far. John took a bye in round 1, and then drew with Charlie Nettleton (121 grade) and Ed Magee (108). John's next opponent will be John Torrance (138).

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  1. Keith Arkell won the Open, with 6/7.

    One of the joint winners in the Major was also a Westcountry player: Neil Bridge was a member of the long-departed Street Juniors club.