Thursday, 3 June 2010

Sunningdale Congress- results

The final results for the west country entrants for the Sunningdale Congress last weekend are as follows:


GM Keith Arkell: 6/7 1st

A tremendous result for Keith, who started with 5/5 and then drew with IM Graeme Buckley and Felix Ynojosa to finish 1st outright. Keith's tournament performance was 2539, 83 points higher then his actual rating.

Angelo Castruccio: 3/7

Angelo's points came from wins against Gareth Harley- Yeo (2046) and Thomas Brown (2087), and draws against David Coates (2084) and Kevin Winter (1898). His tournament performance of 2092 was an impressive 130 points above his estimated rating.


Robert Thompson: 4/7

At one point Robert was challenging for the lead with 4/5, but losses in the last 2 rounds against opponents that finished the tournament 3rd and 4th respectively, saw him slip back. Nevertheless, his tournament performance of 1980 was 99 points higher then his current rating, and should see him picking up a fair few rating points from this event.

Neil Dunlop: 3.5/7

A decent finish of 2.5 points from the final 4 rounds saw Neil recover from a poor start to reach 50%. Neil's tournament performance of 1752 was slightly lower then his converted rating, but given the start a reasonable result all the same.


John Symons: 2.5/5

I believe John withdrew after the 5th round. John's tournament performance was slightly below his grade up to that point.

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