Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Yeovil Congress results

FIDE-rated Open:
1st Felix Jose Ynojosa (ENG) 4
2nd= Sarah Hegarty (ENG), Patryk Krzyzanowski (POL) 3½
Grading Prize Amy Hoare (ENG) 3
Partial FIDE Ratings achieved by: Chris Purry (ENG), Justin Hadi (ENG) and Julian May (ENG).

FIDE-rated Major:
1st Frank Pittman (ENG) 4
2nd= Shane McCabe (IRL), Brendan O`Gorman (ENG), Robert Kane (ENG), C Lucjan Karpinski (ENG) 3½
Grading Prize Geoff Bishop (ENG), Andrew Farthing (ENG) 2½
Partial FIDE Ratings achieved by Frank Pittman (ENG), Sydney Jacob (ENG), Graham Steer (ENG), Sean Pope (ENG), Chris McKinley (ENG), Chris Leeson (ENG), Deio Parri (WLS), Paul Brackner (ENG) and Tom Fuller (ENG).

1st Phil Foley 4½
2nd= E Barry Sandercock, Peter Manning 4
Grading Prize Mike Kaye 3½

Team Prize shared by Weymouth and Keynsham with 10½/20.

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