Monday, 21 June 2010

Warwicks 8-8 Devon, u180 semi-final.

Thanks to Brian Hewson for sending me this.

In a very exciting match the result was 8-8 but unfortunately this time we lost on board count. We were slightly outgrade with Warwicks averaging 169 v our 166 per board. We had 3 170's and 3 160's unavailable so not far off full strength.

There were no early results then Ian Jamieson (playing left handed due to broken finger and accompanied by an abacas to count his moves!) and Bill Ingham agreed draws. Robert Thompson then won well but Mike Stinton-Brownbridge lost. After much battling with a fine draw from new man Jon Duckham from Tiverton and good wins from Trefor Thynne, Andrew Kinder, Charlie Howard and Alan Brusey, despite a loss by Brian Gosling, Devon were 3 up with 6 to go. But Steve Homer missed his opponents winning bishop sacrifice, Dennis Cowley (having been well placed earlier) and Paul Brooks were lost but fought to the bitter end, Ivor agreed the inevitable draw, Mark Abbott was unlucky that his opponent escaped with perpetual check and John Gorodi clung on as last man to finish.

Trefor pointed out that 6 points were scored by the 7 Newton Abbot members playing.

Warwicks Devon

Martin D Smyth 174 1-0 Stephen J. Homer 178
Alan D Lloyd 173 1-0 Dennis R. Crowley 176
David J Ireland 178 0-1 Alan W. Brucey 175
Richard W Smith 177 0.5-0.5 Ian M. Jamieson 175
Joseph J Stewart 168 0.5-0.5 Mark V. Abbott 174
Rob Hearne 173 0-1 Trefor T. Thynne 173
Alan Agnew 170 0-1 Robert Thompson 170
Robert J Wallman 172 0.5-0.5 William H. Ingham 166
Richard C Reynolds 171 0.5-0.5 Jon Duckham 169e
Mark A Cundy 169 1-0 Paul Brooks 162
Thomas D Robinson 168 1-0 Brian G. E. Gosling 159
Michael J Doran 167 1-0 Mike Stinton- Brownbridge 159
Simon A Williams 166 0-1 Andrew S. Kinder 158
Simon C A Smith 160 0.5-0.5 Ivor S Annetts 156
Gary Hope 161 0-1 Charlie V Howard 154
Ed H Goodwin 156 0.5-0.5 John Gorodi 155


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