Friday, 14 May 2010

Frome Congress, results

Thanks to Gerry Jepps for sending me this. The title to this page links to the Frome Congress home page, which has full results from each section.

2010 Results

On May 7th to 9th the Twenty First Frome Chess Congress was held at Selwood Middle School. 155 players entered and winners were:

Open :-

First: (4/5) James Sherwin (Bath) Arturo Wong (Chard & Ilminster)
Third (3.5/5) Allan Pleasants (Weymouth)

British Championship Qualifying Place Arturo Wong (Reserve Allan Pleasants)

Major (U170):-

First (4.5/5) John Footner (Telford)
Second (4/5) Roger Greatorex (Llangollen)
Third (3.5/5) Thomas Anderson (Southampton) Steve Dean (Sidmouth)
Raymond Gamble (Spondon) Alan Papier (Bristol & Clifton)
Stephen Williams (Colchester)
U146 Grading Christopher Leeson (Weymouth)
Prize (3/5)

Intermediate (U140):-

First (4.5/5) David Woodruff (Keynsham)
Second (4/5) Paul Errington (Bournemouth) Stanislaw Guziewicz (Poland)
E. Barry Sandercock (Buckinghamshire)
U126 Grading Peter Bending (Cheltenham)
Prize (3.5/5)

Minor (U115):-

First (5/5) Alan Evans (Sportsman Club, Kent)
Second (4.5/5) Brian Aldwin (Exeter)
Third (4/5) John Leon (Bath) Norman Mackie (Wimborne)
U91 Grading Thomas Thorpe (Pete’s Potentials) Alec Shute (Bath)
Prize (3.5/5) Chris Cheeseman (Sportsman, Kent)

Somerset Trophies

Denys Bonner (Highest placed Somerset player in the Open): James Sherwin (Bath)
Leon York Memorial (Highest placed Somerset player in the Major): Stephen Williams (Colchester)
Roy Hossell (Highest placed Somerset player in the Intermediate): David Woodruff (Keynsham)
Cyril Chapman (Highest placed Somerset player in the Minor): John Leon (Bath)
Jean Mackereth (Highest placed ungraded Somerset player in the Minor) Peter Horne (Norton Radstock)
Cuprinol Trophy (Highest scoring West of England Junior in any section): Thomas Thorpe (Pete’s Potentials) 3.5/5 in the Minor (on tie break with Alec Shute of Bath)

Team Competition

Sportsman Club (Kent)

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