Tuesday, 4 May 2010

4ncl final standings, Div.2

At the time of writing this the final Div.3 tables weren't up on the 4ncl website, so I can only inform you of how the south- west teams in Div.2 did at the final 4ncl weekend. The title to this post links to the 4ncl website, which has the full results for all of the teams in the top 2 divisions, and will shortly have the Div.3 results posted as well.

Bristol 1:

Rd. 9: lost against Anglian Avengers 4.5-3.5
Rd. 10: beat White Rose 2 5-3
Rd. 11: lost against Brown Jack 4.5-3.5

So Bristol finished on 9 points in the relegation pool. They finished equal third, but also equal on points with White Rose 2, who finished in the final relegation place. My understanding is that they've avoided relegation on tie- break, although that's still to be confirmed.

Wessex 1:

Rd. 9: beat Celtic Tigers 1 4.5-3.5
Rd. 10: beat FCA 1 5-3
Rd. 11: beat Guildford A&DC 3 6-2

An excellent final weekend performance from Wessex. 3 wins from the 3 final matches saw them finish on 10 points in the relegation pool, and they'll be playing chess in Div. 2 again next season.

Brown Jack:

Rd. 9: beat FCA 1 6-2
Rd. 10: lost against Celtic Tigers 1 5.5-2.5
Rd. 11: beat Bristol 1 4.5-3.5

Unfortunately for Brown Jack 2 wins from the final 3 matches wasn't enough to save them from relegation to Div.3. They finished on 7 points, one off bottom.

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