Friday, 21 May 2010

Sunday Chess in Bath

I've copied the following from an email I received from Christopher Lamming, who runs this event. The title to this post links to photos from last year's sessions.

This year, the sessions will run from 2-430ish, fortnightly starting last Sunday (9th May), and until the end of September. The idea is to give people the chance to play in a different environment to that which they may associate with chess. My thoughts are that there are a lot of players out there who are put off by the usual style of chess club (school room, quiet, serious etc) and that given the right opportunity, will really enjoy a game in the right surroundings. Last year, this proved fairly correct, as we had no shortage of locals and tourists, men and women, young and old, stopping to play or just to watch.

Maybe see you there sometime for a game!

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