Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Tiverton 3 Exeter 1 (Exeter & DL Div. 3)

Thanks to Ivor Annetts for sending me the following match report. The title to this post links to the Tiverton Club website, which, amongst other things, has photos to accompany this match report.

Although Tiverton beat Exeter 3-1 in the last match of the season on Wednesday 28 April, had the visitors been aware of the 'two minute rule' the match would have been drawn 2-2. Two Exeter players failed to claim draws when they were able to do so. (The two minute rule enables a player with less than two minutes on his clock to claim a draw if his opponent is either unable, or is making no effort, to win by normal means.)

On paper the visitors were the stronger team, outgrading the home team by 10 points on board one and by 16 points on board four.

On board four Youesef Ehtesham (Exeter, White) gained an overwhelming advantage over Tiverton's Richard Watkins but his flag fell before he was able to mate his opponent.

On board three, Alan Brinkley (Tiverton) reached a level rook and pawn endgame against Brian Aldwin. But Brian chased the enemy king round the board and eventually forced a mate.

John Knowles (Tiverton) played a very good game against Ray Shepherd. He won the exchange, converted it to a piece and the game culminated in a king-hunt with John nicely executing the final moves.

Derek Allen (Tiverton) on board two reached a middle game position a piece up but with his opponent, Richard Scholes, having three extra pawns. Derek looked to have things under control but with less than 10 minutes on his clock - 8 more than his opponent! - he dropped a piece and his opponent was then in a winning position. Fortunately for Derek, and Tiverton, Richard's flag fell before he was able to capitalise on his advantage.

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