Thursday, 22 October 2009

4NCL Weekend One Preview

It's that time of year; the Four Nations Chess League is rolling around again. There are four Westcountry-based squads in the League this season: Bristol, Gloucestershire Gambits, Wessex (a team mainly composed of players from Dorset or Hampshire) and Brown Jack (a team from Swindon, named after the pub in which they play their local league matches).

This weekend, the fixtures for the relevant teams are as follows:

Division Two Pool A, Sunningdale

Round 1: Wessex 1 v Brown Jack
Round 2: Kings Head v Wessex 1, Brown Jack v Anglian Avengers

Division Two Pool B, Sunningdale

Round 1: Poisoned Pawns 2 v Bristol 1
Round 2: Bristol 1 v Cheddleton

Division Three, Daventry

Round 1: Wessex 2 v Bristol 2, Guernsey Mates v Gloucestershire Gambits, Bristol 3 v Iceni
Round 2: AMCA Rhinos v Wessex 2, Gloucestershire Gambits v Oxford 2, Nottinghamshire 1 v Bristol 3, Bristol 2 v KJCA Knights

I will be producing reports for Division Two throughout the season; I can also recommend Mike Yeo's match reports for the Wessex teams. Anyone who plays an interesting game in Division Two this season and would like to annotate it for my match reports, feel free to email me with your annotations. CBH or PGN files are preferred, although I will decipher text files if you send them.

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